massage my friends

massage my friends

Well, I am Brazilian – in the region where I lived in Brazil, massage
has a big value, in addition to relaxing benefits, there is a lot of work with
aesthetic benefits too, for the treatment of cellulite even post-operative.

Today I am 45 years old but since I was 20 I already allowed myself
to win this gift that was to be massaged.
Mainly for lymph massage. So the massage has been with me
for a long time.

12 years ago I moved to Holland and I
realized that the practice here was not so
common yet, (for me, being massaged and like
going to the hairdress to cut my hair, it was almost a necessity).

As I have been working in the office for 23 years, lately
I have been feeling like it is not healthy to sit 8 hours a
day behind the computer.

I feel pain in my shoulders, arms.
My husband and I work together in the same company and
at the end of the day I had a sick husband with so much pain and
bad humor.

So I started looking for the chance to learn how to massage, to
take care of my husband.
I previously paid for the LOI course online, but I
had a lot of difficulties, because I had a DVD., it was not so pratical to me.

I believe that for other people it is quite good., but unfortunately
for me it did not work. I started researching via the internet
and found Therapeutisch Opleidingscentrum Kersten – it was ideal for me, a
course with explanatory and videos that I could turn on my cell phone and
massage my husband or my friends wherever I was.

And so I did, I started to massage my husband and he was very happy.
So I had the habit of welcoming my friends home on Fridays, so I got together, I did some
brazilian cocktails and my friends could talk abouot their own problems with
children, husband, work etc, in the end then I did a short massage to
them and that was our best day of the week.
Talking, smiling, drinking, hugs and getting a massage was all my
friends wanted. So I became the masseuse of the group, but
what I realized is that the fact that my friends feel good, I also felt very well,
from my precious hands came the feeling of well-being, it was like a gift for them,

I felt proud of myself.

And more and more I wanted to deepen my
knowledge of massage to give well-being to other massage my friends
people as well. But as I still work in the office, my time is
short to go to normal school, so online courses are the perfect
combination for me.

My husband has already decorated a room
exclusively so I can  and
others who need it.

I know I have a lot to learn but I am very satisfied with the result, and
my dream of the future can definitely change the office work
to have my own space and provide moments of relaxation, aesthetics,
through massage.

At this moment in the corona, I think it is essential that
people to find a mental balance
(with so many uncertainties that we are experiencing at the moment) and
through massages and meditation etc, we can find that balance easier.

And here in the Netherlands there is still a big market to be explored,
I see many possibilities to grow professionally, to be independent and
to work on my own time.

I would also like to take the following courses.:

Chakra Reflexology

Intuitive development & magnetization

Meditate & provide meditation lessons

I will be very happy if my letter be on your website. 😉

Thank you very much.

Alvanete Ferreira.

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