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Online massage courses

Online massage courses

Online Cupping massage course

Cupping massage has a strong cleansing effect and can be used for cellulite, but also with back problems.

By applying a cupping massage toxins will be removed.

The blood flow is stimulated because the cups drain the blood upwards.

In China, the old method (which is still applied) was used by briefly holding a flame in a half glass ball or ceramic cup and placing the cup on the skin, due to the lack of oxygen in the ball, a vacuum is created and the skin is sucked up.

Nowadays there are cups (besides glass cups also plastic cups) where you vacuum the cups via a pump, but also the well-known cups with a pump attached to the cup itself.

An ancient method from the Traditional Chinese Medicine which you can use to treat your clients

Online Herbal stamps massage course

The herbs intensively detoxify, regenerate and care for the skin.

A wonderful massage to pamper all your clients!

The herbal stamp massage stimulates the body to function better and at the same time calms the body.

The stamp massage activates the metabolism and improves blood circulation.

The healing effects of the warm herbal stamps penetrate deep into the underlying tissue, even into the organs. The body still tingles hours after the massage. Of all the massages, the herbal stamp massage is the most pervasive in the body. 

Online Hot stone massage course

Hot stone massage was already used as a therapy in ancient times.

Nowadays, it is one of the most requested and offered forms of massage in wellness centers, tourist hotels, beauty parlors and massage practices.

As a hot stone masseur you can work in many places.

With a hot stone treatment, warm basalt stones are placed on or against the body and massaged.

The stones form a heat source that allows the body to relax.

In addition, the heat has a healing effect because it stimulates processes that remove toxins (waste material).

When the hot stone treatment is combined with a hot stone massage (with essential oils), the effect increases. You massage with the stones. The combination of heat and movement allows you to get close to the muscle tissue.  The self-healing ability of the body is stimulated by this.

Emotional and physical energy flows better.

Online Foot Reflexology course

This treatment method, which is thousands of years old, is very effective.

This home study will teach you everything you want to know about reflex zone therapy and everything you need to know to give a wonderful and decent foot massage.

We therefore guarantee the high quality of this course, which you can follow at a very attractive price.

Let your client 'walk on the clouds'

Such a wonderful relaxing treatment!

Online Lomi Lomi massage course

Never again suffer from pain in your hands while giving a massage?

Learn how to massage in a completely different way?

Massage Forearm techniques: With the forearm massage techniques we can massage in a deep way, while the strain on the hands and fingers is minimal.

By also massaging with the elbows we can go deeper into the muscles in a pleasant way. By massaging with the forearms, the masseur makes a dancing movement and this massage is wonderful to give.

The forearm massage course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to massage in a different way than with the hands alone, and already has some knowledge of massage.

Front and back of the body are massaged with different forearm and elbow techniques.

Online Relaxation massage course

A well performed massage is such a wonderful treat! 

In Asian countries the benefits of a massage have been appreciated for thousands of years, so the presence of massaging chairs in these countries is not uncommon, even at airports. 

These past years, the practice of massaging has become more and more trendy and appreciated in our Western society. 

Massage is a holistic therapy that aligns body and spirit. 

The chi or qi (life energy in Chinese) will flow through the entire body without obstructions. 

With the application of a massage, toxics will be discharged. Your client will deeply relax, bringing the mind into a state of profound tranquility. That is why a relaxation massage will be helpful with burnouts and depressions. Be also aware that a client could respond emotionally to your massages, since their minds will have slipped deeper into their subconscious.  

Online Lenormand course

Learn all about the Lenormand cards with this Lenormand course and

Find Out Everything about the Future


Fortune Telling with the Lenormand Combinations

Your intuition and psychic ability will emerge and all the secrets about work, family, health, happiness, exes and love will be revealed to you!

You can order this course online and with the online film material and syllabus you can start your home study immediately.

You will follow the online video material wherein the course material is offered, additionally, you will study the theory in the syllabus which can be downloaded and viewed anywhere.

All you need to take the course online is an internet connection.

Our home studies are accredited by KTNO

Free access to member portal

No long travel times and no need to take time off to follow practical lessons

Advantages of the home studies:

You will receive direct access to the online member portal in order to start

With the online video material and the syllabi, your home study is complete. You will be instructed, as it were, by means of the videos.

Studying when it suits you

Online Courses

You rather study at home?

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