Cosmetic connective tissue massage

The facelift effect

You just see the skin improve with cosmetic connective tissue massage!

Connective tissue massage: the skin benefits from an optimal blood circulation with the help of this special massage technique.

New collagen is produced whenever this massage is carried out, causing wrinkles to fade away and skin condition to improve. This massage rejuvenates the face and skin looks refreshed and radiant.

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The entire course is explained here on clear video material

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What you will learn in this course:

  • Face and neck connective tissue massage
  • Face and neck cupping massage
  • Correct application of products that are used in the massages
  • How to apply a mask and follow-up care after this massage

Results of this training course:

This online course is ideal if you want to learn all the necessary techniques to give a good 'facelift' massage.

Learn how to massage in a completely different way!

Discover all massage techniques, but also learn to let your personal touch and feelings channel through so that you as a masseur, will be unique.

We offer an online massage course of high level, which is easy to follow for anyone interested in the massage course. Therefore, no prior education is required and all ages are very welcome. Of course the massage course is not just about learning the necessary techniques, it also involves theory.


Even though a certificate is not required.

You can receive a digital certificate as proof of participation for € 7.50


Without Therapeutisch Opleidingscentrum Kersten I would never be where I am in my life.

The courses, the instructors and the offer are diverse and provide an all-round supply for everything you want with regard to not only massages, but also deepening in spirit.


I attended the massage therapist course here. Good instructors, every one of them.
 Also available in between courses, and even after the course, for feedback.
 Absolutely recommended!


The courses I followed were great. Good teaching material and insightful videos. Skilled people who teach and instruct well. Recommended for everyone who is interested.

lessen qi gong

What will you get with this cosmetic connective tissue massage home study?

  •  You will receive the login codes  which will give you   access  to the online film material of the complete treatment which you can watch and   practice. 
  • All you need is an internet connection!
  • Get the workbook PDF, which contains all the information that you need to be able to give good treatments.
  •  You can now start straightaway! 

Online Cosmetic connective tissue & cupping massage Course

  • Film material with the Facial Massage, learn to give a wonderful facial massage
  • Connective tissue massage, all the film material that you need to discover how to give a power treatment, a super anti-wrinkle treatment 
  • Cupping massage facial,  with the help of good blood circulation, wrinkles and lines will fade away.

Price: €97,-