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Learn all about the Lenormand cards with this Lenormand course and

Find Out Everything about the Future


Fortune Telling with the Lenormand Combinations

Your intuition and psychic ability will emerge and all the secrets about work, family, health, happiness, exes and love will be revealed to you!

What you will discover in this Lenormand combination course:

  • The history of Mlle Lenormand
  • The meaning of the cards
  • The meaning of the cards in combination with the personal card
  • Card meanings in terms of health
  • Many examples of Lenormand combinations
  • Different readings of Lenormand
  • The big Spread, which gives a complete overview of the present, past and future!
  • Special and only in this course, secrets of the cards that only the experienced consultants know through their years of experience!
  • Exercise to increase your psychic abilities

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In the lesson day we will go deeper into the combinations of the cards.

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    It’s great that you want to develop yourself further spiritually

            In this Lenormand course you’ll learn all about the cards. Moreover, your spiritual and paranormal abilities will grow stronger and clearer.

            There is also an exercise to delve deeper into your subconscious, so you will notice when you get a sign from the universe. Because that’s what the cards will do. They are just a tool to help you to connect with the universe, the Guides and the Angels who will give you answers to your questions.


Hi Maddy, I recently bought the Lenormand course and want to thank you. The course has built my knowledge a lot in one day. Before, I was a bit unsure about reading the combinations. Sliding the rows together is new to me but it gives me a much better look. Many thanks!


Dear Maddy, Thanks!!! I have already started with the spread. It isn’t easy, but I understand a little bit more about the spread of 36 cards. To the left and to the right off the personal card the past and the future … a lot of practice is the message. Thank you so much!


Super online course Lenormand. Hey Maddy, I want to say that I really like the course and I have really learned a great deal. Especially the combinations! Greetings Ilona

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