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How to give a Bamboo massage

leren masseren met bamboe

Would you like to give a wonderful Bamboo massage?

Bamboo massage is based on ancient Chinese beliefs about the five elements of life. The Chinese medicine known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is more than 4000 years old!

According to this view, all phenomena of life can be reduced to five elements. They also describe the connection between external and internal events and the cycle of life.

The five elements also have a connection with the four compass directions: north, east, south, and west. In addition, there is a connection with colors and planets from the galaxy. The five elements are the following:

•        Soil. This element is related to the middle, the brown color, and Saturn.

•        Wood. Wood is connected to the east, blue and green, and Jupiter.

•        Metal. This third element is the element of the west, white, and the planet Venus.

•        Fire. Fire is connected to the south, red, and Mars.

•        Water. Finally, this last element is connected to the north, black, and Mercury.

This form of massage comes from China, of course. Bamboo sticks can be used to work deeper into the body during a massage. This results in the nerve endings in superficial muscles and the skin becoming optimally stimulated.

Using these bamboo sticks and warm oil, the body can be brought into deep relaxation, while the elimination of waste products is improved, and blood circulation is stimulated. Because we are increasingly following our wise teachers from the East, this new form of massage has also been brought to the rest of the world.

online bamboe massage

Learn how to give a wonderful Bamboo massage, lovely to give!

      Bamboo massage has been used as a therapy since ancient times.

      By using bamboo sticks during a massage, the body can be worked more deeply, thereby optimally stimulating the nerve endings in superficial muscles and the skin.

      In addition, the warm oil and treatment with bamboo a healing effect so that toxins (waste) are removed.

      Bamboo rods are used to stimulate the ends of the nerves in the skin and muscles. This improves the blood circulation, so that more oxygen will enter the cells.

      All concepts and techniques of a Bamboo massage are discussed in this educational online course.

      When you have completed this online Bamboo massage course you can give a lovely Bamboo massage!

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    •   Giving a complete massage with Bamboo sticks
    •   Recognizing Contraindications ; when is massage responsible or not?
    •   You experience how valuable an bamboo massage is
    •   Master massaging withBamboo sticks
bamboe masseren

By means of the right massage:

  •   Underlying blockages are released and the energy starts to flow again
  •   Relieves muscle pain, rheumatism, gout, muscular dystrophy
  •   It stimulates the removal of toxins in case of acidification of the body
  •   Has a cleansing effect on the organs and has a vein wall firming effect.
  •   Don't have time to take massage courses outdoors, are all courses too expensive and do you want to start right away? Then this online Bamboo massage course is something for you!
online bamboe massage

Get out of your head for a while and

work with your senses!

  • The complete course to give a wonderful Bamboo massage.
  • Do you want to discover everything in the field of wellness massage, but are courses too expensive or do you have no time or opportunity to take a course outside the home?
  • You can start the course directly from your own home, whenever you want.
  • Our Bamboo Massage course teaches you everything you want to know about effleurage, petrissage (kneading), tapping.
  • We therefore guarantee the high quality of this course, which you can follow at a very attractive price
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    What is included in this online course

    • Online Videos of the entire massage including all techniques
    • Syllabus with the entire massage 
    • Explanation regarding the use of massage sticks
    • All you need is an internet connection.
    • You will give a relaxing massage with the massage sticks, the muscles will acquire an optimal blood flow.
    • Master the massage and you can independently develop your massage skills further.


    Everything is clearly instructed, and if you encounter any questions when you come home, support is provided.
     I will definitely be following more courses at Kersten Therapeutic Training Center!!!


    I attended the massage therapist course here. Good instructors, every one of them. Involved, patient, and due to the openness and listening to fellow students, experienced many beautiful moments😊Also available in between courses, and even after the course, for feedback.
     Absolutely recommended!


    The courses I followed were great. Good teaching material and insightful video material. Skilled people who teach and instruct well. Recommended for everyone who is interested.

    leren masseren met bamboe
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    Online Bamboo massage course

    An investment you, your family, friends & clients will enjoy for a lifetime!

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