Online Herbal Stamp Massage course

A lovely frequently desired massage

The herbs intensively detoxify, regenerate and care for the skin.

A wonderful massage to pamper all your clients!

The herbal stamp massage stimulates the body to function better and at the same time calms the body.

The stamp massage activates the metabolism and improves blood circulation.

The healing effects of the warm herbal stamps penetrate deep into the underlying tissue, even into the organs. The body still tingles hours after the massage. Of all the massages, the herbal stamp massage is the most pervasive in the body.

What will you learn in this course?

      All techniques of massaging with Herbal stamps are discussed in this educational and fun course.

      Additionally, making the stamps yourself using herbs is discussed.

      You're familiar with how wonderfully liberating a massage is and the effects of the medicinal herbs which the Herbal Stamps contain.

Access to the member portal!

Immediately after registration  you will receive the login codes to access the online course Herbal stamp massage. 

The entire course is explained here on clear video material.

The syllabus can be downloaded & printed here.

So you can view the entire massage at all times.

What results does the online Herbal stamp massage course give:

    •   Learn about the selection of Stamps and use of massage oil.
    •   Giving a complete massage with Herbal stamps
    •   Making the Herbal stamps yourself and making a choice regarding which herbs to use.
    •   Recognizing Contraindications ; when is massage responsible or not?
    •   You experience how valuable an herbal stamp massage is for body and spirituality
    •   Master massaging with herbal stamps

By means of the right massage:

  •   Underlying blockages are released and the energy starts to flow again
  •   Relieves muscle pain, rheumatism, gout, muscular dystrophy
  •   It stimulates the removal of toxins in case of acidification of the body, during  weight loss, fluid retention (edema)
  •   Has a cleansing effect on the organs and has a vein wall firming effect.
  •   Don't have time to take massage courses outdoors, are all courses too expensive and do you want to start right away? Then this online Herbal stamp massage course is something for you!

Get out of your head for a while and

work with your senses!

  • The complete course to give a wonderful Herbal stamp massage.
  • Do you want to discover everything in the field of wellness massage, but are courses too expensive or do you have no time or opportunity to take a course outside the home?
  • You can start the course directly from your own home, whenever you want.
  • Our Herbal Stamp Massage course teaches you everything you want to know about effleurage, petrissage (kneading), tapping.
  • Making the herbal stamps yourself is clearly explained.
  • We therefore guarantee the high quality of this course, which you can follow at a very attractive price
  • What is included in this online course

    • Online Videos of the entire massage including all techniques
    • Explanation about herb use  and making the stamps.
    • Syllabus with the entire massage and explanation about making herbal stamps yourself
    • Explanation regarding the use of the heater
    • All you need is an internet connection.
    • You will give a relaxing massage with the herbal stamps, the muscles will acquire an optimal blood flow.
    • Master the massage and you can independently develop your massage skills further.


    Everything is clearly instructed, and if you encounter any questions when you come home, support is provided.
     I will definitely be following more courses at Therapeutisch Opleidingscentrum Kersten!!!


    I attended the massage therapist course here. Good instructors, every one of them. Involved, patient, and due to the openness and listening to fellow students, experienced many beautiful moments😊Also available in between courses, and even after the course, for feedback.
     Absolutely recommended!


    The courses I followed were great. Good teaching material and insightful video material. Skilled people who teach and instruct well. Recommended for everyone who is interested.

    € 127,-
    € 97,-

    Online Herbal stamp massage online

    An investment you, your family, friends & clients will enjoy for a lifetime!

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