Headache massage

Headaches and migraines - a commonly heard complaint!

You will be able to treat people effectively with this headache massage course.

Lots of people suffer from headaches, sometimes on a daily basis.

Migraines and tension headaches are commonly heard complaints.

More and more people are having headaches. This is understandable, given that we tend to sit in front of a screen a lot and absorb heaps and heaps of solicited and unsolicited information.

We want and can know virtually everything, but that literally gives us "headbreaks."

This fascinating, instructive course is intended for people who already have some experience in massaging. You will learn how to recognize, clarify and treat headaches.

Improve headaches with various techniques of alternative medicine,


  • The different types of headaches and the triggers that cause headaches.
  • How to conduct an anamnesis interview and the appropriate treatment for them.
  • About obsessive thoughts and their Yin organ.
  • About the function and treatment of acupoints (pressure points).
  • About shielding (from negative energy).
  • How to recognize contraindications; is headache massage advisable or not.
  • How to treat muscle blockages 
  • Connective tissue massage
  • How to locate and treat acupressure points
  • How to treat headaches and migraines using foot reflexology

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What do you get with this online course?

* Workbook, syllabus Headache massage

* Syllabus anatomy muscles

* Overview meridians and acupressure points

* Online videos: follow the complete massage process step by step, all you need is an internet connection. 

* Free access to the member portal where you can connect with fellow students. 

* You can receive a digital certificate as proof of participation for € 7.50

Learn how to massage in a completely different way!

Discover all massage techniques

We offer an online massage course of high level, which is easy to follow for anyone interested in the massage course. Therefore, no prior education is required and all ages are very welcome. Of course the massage course is not just about learning the necessary techniques, it also involves theory.


Even though a certificate is not required.

You can receive a digital certificate as proof of participation for € 7.50


Without Therapeutisch Opleidingscentrum Kersten I would never be where I am in my life.

The courses, the instructors and the offer are diverse and provide an all-round supply for everything you want with regard to not only massages, but also deepening in spirit.


I attended the massage therapist course here. Good instructors, every one of them.
 Also available in between courses, and even after the course, for feedback.
 Absolutely recommended!


The courses I followed were great. Good teaching material and insightful videos. Skilled people who teach and instruct well. Recommended for everyone who is interested.

Online Headache massage Course

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